Monday, December 1, 2014

December Currently

I have been MIA for a couple of months, but this princess is my excuse!  I figured I could squeeze in Farley's December currently though since it's always so simple and fun to do.
Listening:  To the lullabies and vibrations of the Snuggabunny bouncer, which by the way has been a lifesaver for taking naps since Gracie refuses to sleep while laying flat, and without music/vibrations.
Loving:  My baby of course!  She is one month old today.
Thinking:  I am actually almost done Christmas shopping and it's only December 1st!  Plus I have NOT had to leave my house.  I am waiting for a few more things to come in the mail, then I need to ship some stuff back home, and then all that's left is little things for Gracie (who won't even know it's Christmas), my husband, and cat (who also won't know it's Christmas). Yay!

Wanting:  Taking a shower is a whole lot more complicated when home alone with a newborn...I suppose I should be doing that now that she is asleep, but there are other things I want to do during this 45 minutes of quiet too, you know?

Needing:  A phone.  I wrecked my third iPhone in a year and a half.  My husband is furious with me.  At this point, there are no more upgrades, deals, whatever...I spent hours at Verizon Saturday with one option - pay like $700 for a new phone.  So I ordered a used one online and it's coming today.  This time I was smart enough to also order a waterproof case.  Hope it helps...
Giving:  I was going to create a whole possessive nouns pack but haven't made it beyond some simple possessive or plural task cards.  There isn't an answer key, but it's super simple and in both black and white.  If you can use them, you are welcome to download them for free here.  Enjoy!
Happy December!  Hopefully I'll be back before the new year.